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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Holiday Basket

Been working diligently on my wall hanging. I added leaves, a few more berries and squiggles; more
than suggested.
I used variegated rayon cording for the squiggles, which I couched in place.
I added seed stitching to the pear. A few cross stitches on the basket.
I made the heart more of the focal point by decorating it with a spray of mini flowers.
I now need to cut the tongues for the border. There will be about 24 of them...sounds tedious....won't be done in
A full Basket
one sitting ....maybe 10! I plan to back mine, to add more stability.
A squiggle
the heart of the matter

Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday, Monday

Had a relaxing day stitching at Joan's today. Here are a couple of her projects:
A Kim Diehl Pattern

The colors are stunning! Done in wool with minimal embroidery. Love it!

Cute Chickies

One of mine: Folk Bell Flowers
This is one of my patterns I recently completed.  It's a wall hanging. I quilted it by hand with perle cotton thread. I found it quite relaxing to do...pretty mindless and I like the results.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Some Stitches I Used.....

holly leaves: back stitch with variegated floss, 3-ply.
stems: chain stitch using #12 Valdani pearl cotton.
heart: buttonhole with #12 Valdani
pear: same
fern leaves: whip stitch only with wool thread. On small pieces like these, I apply fray block to the edges. As the name indicates, this will prevent fraying.
When the wool is dry, it feels hard to the touch, but the needle still glides through easy enough.

"Of all the trees that are in the wood, the holly bears the crown."

Friday, January 8, 2016


Holiday Basket
I've started adding the motifs to the background. There are holly leaves in several shades of green, a large golden pear in a basket, a heart hanging from one of the holly branches. I'm  basting them in place and later I will whip stitch them down and more than likely I'll add decorative stitches. I think I will pull out one of my many stitchery books and select a stitch I'd like to learn or improve upon. I have so many embroidery books; I especially like the vintage ones.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Prep Work

As you can see I'm starting a new wool of course. And another Maggie Bonanomi's designs: Holiday Basket. Even though the holidays have passed, I like to have a few festive designs around all year long. And I think this one is mellow enough for that.
Firstly, I thought I'd show you how I prep my work. I nearly always line my work; with anything that is light weight and something I don't mind parting with. In this instance I'm using some poorer quality of wool which is very thin and wouldn't felt up.
I steam pressed both pieces...the liner and my top. Then I basted them together, keeping them flat, by smoothing them with my hands.
The premise behind this technique is to add stability as one does in "normal" quilting. It gives the piece strength and integrity, limits the sagging and stretching. Something you could pass down thru the generations.
I realize that this is a slower method, but the results are a big plus. And I love the slowness of building my piece up....stitch by stitch....thought(prayer) thought. It works for me.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Treasure

I found this great book on line for a song. I just love books like this one where you can idle away your time, enjoy a cup of tea and get truly inspired.
embroidered tapestry
fraktur paintings

Friday, January 1, 2016

Two Birds In The Garden

I am nearly finished with the embroidery and embellishing work on this beautiful design by Maggie Bonanomi. Although her instructions did not include such work, I simply could not resist!
I will add some ribbon and a cotton backing and hang this handsome pair on our dining room wall.

Close up details:
I filled the flower with chain stitching. Edges were done in blanket stitch.

Large flower:
lazy daisy flowers with yellow beads for the centers. I blanket stitched around the brown center and then crocheted between the bars to add this ruffled look, which I do often.
Two rows of chain stitches around the perimeter make this flower pop out. I added random cross stitches, trim and a bit of beading.
Once again, 2 rows of chain stitches. Elongated chain stitches and a bead center. Colonial knots.
So, as you can see, you can take license to make a pattern "more you".

A New Beginning

Happy New Year To All of you!
 I have decided to resume my blog after a very long hiatus. I am now retired from an 8 to 5 job and can focus energy on my personal business of selling hand dyed wool and patterns, which on many days is longer and more tiring than the other. But I love it!
So come and visit when you can and I hope you enjoy viewing some of my latest endeavors.

Forest Doll

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