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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Prep Work

As you can see I'm starting a new wool of course. And another Maggie Bonanomi's designs: Holiday Basket. Even though the holidays have passed, I like to have a few festive designs around all year long. And I think this one is mellow enough for that.
Firstly, I thought I'd show you how I prep my work. I nearly always line my work; with anything that is light weight and something I don't mind parting with. In this instance I'm using some poorer quality of wool which is very thin and wouldn't felt up.
I steam pressed both pieces...the liner and my top. Then I basted them together, keeping them flat, by smoothing them with my hands.
The premise behind this technique is to add stability as one does in "normal" quilting. It gives the piece strength and integrity, limits the sagging and stretching. Something you could pass down thru the generations.
I realize that this is a slower method, but the results are a big plus. And I love the slowness of building my piece up....stitch by stitch....thought(prayer) thought. It works for me.

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