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Friday, January 1, 2016

Two Birds In The Garden

I am nearly finished with the embroidery and embellishing work on this beautiful design by Maggie Bonanomi. Although her instructions did not include such work, I simply could not resist!
I will add some ribbon and a cotton backing and hang this handsome pair on our dining room wall.

Close up details:
I filled the flower with chain stitching. Edges were done in blanket stitch.

Large flower:
lazy daisy flowers with yellow beads for the centers. I blanket stitched around the brown center and then crocheted between the bars to add this ruffled look, which I do often.
Two rows of chain stitches around the perimeter make this flower pop out. I added random cross stitches, trim and a bit of beading.
Once again, 2 rows of chain stitches. Elongated chain stitches and a bead center. Colonial knots.
So, as you can see, you can take license to make a pattern "more you".


  1. Great mat! I love how you added highlights of embroidery to make this piece uniquely yours!

  2. Darlene, so glad you are going to try and keep your blog running. I love your wool applique and of course love everything Maggie B designs. Happy New Year.

  3. I especially like the grass on this little mat, but the flowers with their embellishments are awesome too! It will be wonderful hanging on your wall!

  4. To see this in person, was such a blessing. We loved the way Darlene embellishes without going over the top. We've learned so much in such a short time.


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