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Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Day In Port Angeles

I decided to make a few items from this great book by Maggie Bonanomi. I had some old linen which I couldn't part with and held on for ages it seems.  I tea dyed it with a couple of black tea bags for about an hour or so. I love lavender so making this very simple sachet was a given. I wrote the word using a lead pencil and stitched it up. And I had the perfect piece of old ribbon. Don't you love it when a project just flows. I made 2 of these in fact; one for the drawer and one for show and tell.
So Sweet
Sample from the book
Here is the other can never have too many pillows. I hand dyed the background wool using onions skins and the color is such a warm color. I gave a discarded bed pillow a new life....why not? with lots of mottling.


  1. Beautiful projects completed. Can't go wrong with a Maggie Bonanomi design for sure.

  2. I love both of your projects. I want to try the onion skin dying sometime. I only buy a couple onions a year so I'm gonna have to tell my cooking friends to save for me.

  3. lovely! I cannot wait for lavender in the garden

  4. what lovely crafts. I love the smell of lavender my favorite and that pillow is just darling you have been very busy


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