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Friday, April 29, 2016

Woolen Scarf

 Sometimes a nice warm shawl is needed, especially here in the Pacific Northwest! I used a half yard piece of hand dyed wool and appliqued flowers on both ends. I carefully stitched them in place trying not to make  stitches too noticeable on the back side.(Easier said than done)!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Heart Pin Cushion

I enjoyed making this simple pin cushion designed by Maggie Bonanomi found in  her book; Buttonhole Farm. Each time I look at one of her books, I see something else I'd like to make.
I filled it with crushed walnut shells. And added an old button and a silk sari ribbon to hang it if I so chose.

Monday, April 18, 2016


I found this fine looking oak frame at a local second hand shop. After a little TLC,  it was perfect for the posies. I just added a piece of rat tail cording and it's ready to hang it up.
Framed Posies

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Block 3
Here's the third block that I'm doing from Heart to Hands.
I tried out some of the new Valdani wool thread to embroider the lazy daisy flowers and I like how it works up. It adds a different dimension to the piece since it is thicker than the other threads I used.
And here are the stitches I used on this block:
chain: 2 rows around the main flower.
seed stitch, colonial knots, cross stitch, detached buttonhole, buttonhole and feather stitch.
I will keep you posted on how I finish these up.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Three Posies

I'm working on a Kathi Campbell (Heart To Hand) pattern. I made a few changes (of course); where she called for hand dyed cheese cloth,  I used wool and added more stitchery. At some time in the future I plan to experiment using cheese cloth. I think it has lots of possibilities.
I used the buttonhole stitch, colonial knots and fly stitches.
I added some vintage lace, mini yo-yos  and antique buttons.

On the second square, the stitches used are: buttonhole, chain, back stitch, and colonial knots. I stitched 2 rows of chain stitches around the peachy center and added an old button and some beads.
Flower #2
Oh, the background fabric is interesting. I purchased it at the thrift store. It's a loosely woven cotton with character. I tea dyed it to age it a bit.
There will be a third block coming soon......

Forest Doll

I'm just about finished with my latest Mother Nature doll. Just need to take a few photos for the pattern and I'll be all set for ...