Bundle of the Month for April

This month Olympic Wool Works is offering two bundles: PLUM DANDY and PASSION FLOWER and EGGPLANT, which is a mottled fat quarter.

PLUM DANDY is a beautiful medium purple. The bundle contains 4 textured pieces and one solid.

Each piece measures approximately 6 " x 15".  

PASSSION FLOWER is the same dye but in 6 different shades. Each piece measures approximately 6 1/2" X 14”.

EGGPLANT is an even darker shade available in a fat quarter cut: 15" x 27".

All have been dyed over natural wool.

Also this month Olympic Wool Work is offering 2 Rustic Moire threads as part of special. The selections are coordinating colors for both bundles. These threads will give your work added textural depth!