I can never resist buying vintage lace and buttons at thrift stores. I was raised by a Hungarian grandma, who during her "free " moments had either a crochet hook in her hand or a prayer book. So her spirit lives within me still...nearly 60 years later.
I enjoy using these textile treasures with their hidden history and create something (I feel) useful in our times. And in this case; a needle-book. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty persnickety about my needles and they vary for each project. So it's nice to have a "special" case to keep these ready for use.
This case is a test model for a class I'll be teaching in Portland; a "make and take" class. But now I have to make another  one to track my time, to make sure I schedule the time correctly. What will I ever do with 2 needle-cases?!!!
All of the stitches used are pretty basic: fly, chain, buttonhole and colonial knots.
 This kit is available in my Etsy shop.