I pin and baste one flower in place at a time. My stitches are large, not neat. When  I pull out the basting, the fabric poufs up a bit, giving it more volume. I truly don't mind this extra step. To me it's all contemplative and definitely worth the effort.

I whip stitch one flower in place at a time; all 3 components, using 1 strand of matching floss or regular sewing thread. For the largest part of the flower I blanket stitch all around the outer edge with DMC 4508 with 3 strands. On the medium part  I embroider two rows of chain stitches.  The first row is on the edge of the grey wool and the second row is right next to it but on the larger flower wool. I used DMC 4515, three strands. I add random seed stitches in DMC 4515. I then stitch colonial knots all around the outer edge with DMC 4508, using all 6 strands. These are spaced about 3/16” apart. Around the center piece I stitched bullions, about every 3/8", using DMC 4508. And lastly, I add 3 black beads to the center.