SUCCULENTS, A Punch Needle Embroidery Project

After I'm done punching I trim away the weavers cloth, leaving 3/4" all around. Flip it over and press the corners inward, then press the sides. I use steam. I have started using a layer very stiff interfacing with adhesive on both sides. (That is the white material in picture #5).  I cut this slightly smaller than the punched piece. I lay a piece of wool over the interfacing and press thoroughly all 3 layers. I then trim the wool, leaving about 1/16" all around. I round off the corners of the wool. Then I whip stitch the edges, using pearl cotton and working from the back so that when I pull the thread, it pulls the wool over the weavers cloth so none will show. Please feel free to print a copy of the pattern. The finished size is 6" x 9". Oh, I decided not to add the little circles and the detail on the bottom of the pot. Kept it very simple. My favorite part is doing the background.