Green Quillie Christmas Tree.

By Darlene Sabo
on November 30, 2020

Green Quillie Christmas Tree.

I made another hooked tree using yarns, roving and ribbons. I have listed pictures in the sequence of assembly. I stitched the quiliies just with a couple stitches but you could glue instead if you prefer. I have also added a drawing of the tree with the quillie placement which you can copy and print.

Used a few of my "worms" .

Yarn selection.

Fold 1/8" and stay to roll.

Insert threaded needle all the way through, starting at the cut end.

Take another stitch.

One more and knot off.

Arrange to your liking and glue in place. Notice I made the quillies in various sizes.

Back side, after hooking...not pretty.  I added a star button and gold threads for a bit more embellishing. I trimmed the linen leaving an inch or so and folded inward and glued in place. I then glued a twig on the bottom and added a piece of wool, glued it, then trimmed away the excess.

Have fun making these. I look forward in seeing yours on Facebook!


Quillie Christmas Tree

By Darlene Sabo
on November 28, 2020

Quillie Christmas Tree

I just finished this small tree which I hooked using various white and off white yarns. But first I made small "wheels" by rolling 2 strips of wool together.  These were ~1/8-3/16" wide. I stitched them just with a couple stitches to keep them from unrolling and used hot glue to secure them in place, then did the hooking.

Next I embellished with metallic thread and added beads and a star on top. Folded the edges back and glued in place. I glued a piece of driftwood for the trunk and wool to the back.