Spring Angel Wool Applique PATTERN


The first pattern of my seasonal angels.

Embellished her with simple and easy to do stitching such as the chain stitch, whip, stem, lazy daisy, straight stitch, buttonhole, French knots, and couching . 

The motifs I used on her are a sweet bird, the sun, a heart and a halo of leaves around her gentle face. And of course she has her set of wings.

You can use my color choices, even purchase my kit to make it even easier, or step out and make it more to your liking!

The pattern comes in a handy zip-lock bag to store your pattern pieces when done, with a full color picture on the front of the pattern and a materials needed list on the back and instructions. 

All pattern templates are full scale and ready to cut out. 

She stands up once you insert small bag of sand or pellets; the last step before stitching her closed.

The finish size is approximately: 9"x14".

Designed and copyrighted by Olympic Wool Works.

This pattern is protected by copyright. Mass producing or photocopying of this pattern is strictly prohibited. This pattern is for personal use only. Please do not sell items made from this pattern without designer's permission.
*Patterns and kits are non refundable.

Thank you!

Thank you!

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