ROCK ROSE Wool Applique Kit


This is a limited edition wool applique kit, designed by Darlene of Olympic Wool Works, includes everything you will need to create this charming wall hanging: threads, beads, hand dyed wool, silk velvet, cotton lining, wool backing, cotton calico and trims.

A few of the stitches used are: running, French knots, cross stitch...all very basic.

Included: color photo as a guide, stitch diagrams, templates.

The finished size: approximately 11" x 8 1/2".

"In designing my patterns, I start with a very simple sketch. I often will free cut the initial motifs, such as the leaves, small flowers and birds. As I stitch away, I’ll take notes of which stitches I use, how many strands of thread and colors, etc. It’s not until I’ve completed the piece that I will make a drawing and templates.
I’ve never discovered the perfect pencil that works well in drawing the designs onto wool. And I do not like using tracing paper or printable pellon. I need to see my work on the wool as I stitch. So, my style has developed into a rather freeform one.
I’m hoping that you’ll not get bogged down with trying to make Rock Rose exactly like as drawn. Please make any changes you like. Have fun with it and let your own creativity shine through."